Boards & Commissions

  1. Affirmative Action & Advisory Committee

    The Affirmative Action and Advisory Committee concerns itself with all aspects of equal opportunity in hiring, employment, promotion, complaints, purchasing and contracting.

  2. Board of Ethics

    The City of Schenectady Board of Ethics is charged with the obligation to review issues with clear and reasonable standards of ethical conduct and to render opinions relative to the administration of those standards.

  3. Civilian Police Review Board

    The purpose of the Civilian Police Review Board is to improve communication between the Police Department and the community, to increase police accountability and credibility with the public, and to create a complaint review process that is free from bias and informed of actual police practices.

  4. Golf Course Advisory Commission

    The Golf Course Advisory Commission was created to address all matters relating to the operation, maintenance and facilities of the City's golf course.

  5. Historic District Commission

    The Historic District Commission must approve changes to the exterior of properties in the Historic Districts that can be seen from a public right of way, such as any public street, sidewalk, alleyway, or river.

  6. Housing Standards Review Board

    The Housing Standards Review Board receives comments from the public related to the housing standard requirements of the New York State and City of Schenectady, as well as the operations of the Code Enforcement and the Buildings Department.

  7. Industrial Development Agency

    View members and meeting schedule for the Industrial Development Agency.

  8. Planning Commission

    Learn more about your Planning Commission including members and meeting archives.

  9. Recreation Advisory Commission

    This Mayoral appointed commission advises the City on long term planning and needs for the City parks.

  10. Smart City Advisory Commission

    Mayor Gary R. McCarthy announced the appointment of a Mayoral Smart City commission to take advantage of new technology for superior delivery of government services and improved quality of life.

  11. Schenectady Urban Renewal Agency (SURA)

    The Schenectady Urban Renewal Agency was established with the mission of promoting the expeditious undertaking, financing and completion of Municipal Urban Renewal Programs.

  12. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Learn about the board and also verify that your new construction, renovation, or commercial use is in compliance with the zoning ordinance.