Departments A-E

  1. Affirmative Action & Advisory Committee

  2. Americans With Disabilities Act Office

    The mission of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Office is to work toward a universally-designed environment that makes it easy for all people, regardless of disability, to participate fully in community life.

  3. Animal Control

    Learn what to do for lost dogs in an animal control situation.

  4. Assessment

    The Assessment Office is available to assist you in any way possible with assessment policies and procedures governed by New York State Real Property Law.

  5. Building Inspector / Code Enforcement

    The Office Code Enforcement is charged with the enforcement of the following national, state, and local codes and ordinances.

  6. Bureau of Receipts (Tax Payments)

    Property Tax Bills are issued January 1st of each year and are payable quarterly in January, April, July and October.

  7. Central Park

    Discover this lovely park complete with Music Haven, Administration Building, Playground, Rose Garden, and more.

  8. City Archives / Efner History Center

    The Efner History Research Library was established in 1952 as the Schenectady History Center and is the official archive of the City of Schenectady.

  9. City Clerk's Office

    The City Clerk’s office is the official record keeper for the Schenectady City Council.

  10. Development

    The Department of Development is responsible for long-range planning for the City of Schenectady, as well as the day to day administration of various City, State and Federally-funded programs geared toward the physical and economic renewal of the City.

  11. Engineering

    Find contact information and answers to frequently asked questions about the Engineering Department.