Animal Control

Lost Dog Information


If your dog is lost, please check Mohawk Hudson Human Society’s website and click on “animals” and then on “strays”. (Please note they update the stray page every time a new animal comes in so, please check regularly)

If you are the owner of the dog then follow these steps for redeeming your dog at Mohawk Hudson Human Society located at 3 Oakland Avenue Menands, NY 12204: 

  1. Contact Mohawk Hudson Humane Society at (518)434-8128 or email them at to identify your dog.
  2. If they have the dog in question, please report to the City Clerk’s Office with proof of rabies vaccination. If the dog is not licensed, you will be required to obtain a license before the dog can be released. There is a fee associated with obtaining a license. This can only take place during normal working hours Monday-Friday 8:00am-3:30pm.  
  3. Pay the redemption fee and any other fines associated with the recovery of the dog to the City Clerks Office. 
  4. Go to Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and retrieve your dog the same day as payment. 

For more detailed instructions on how to redeem your dog please see (redemption handout) 

If you have concerns regarding felines, please contact your local shelters for further assistance. 

If you have concerns about sick or injured wildlife, please call the DEC at (518) 402-8013 or visit their web site at  

If you have concerns about nuisance wildlife on your property, call any local pest control company that handles wildlife, see the Dec website for a list of local companies.

If you have and issue with any wildlife poses a public safety risk please call (518) 630-0911.