Building Inspector / Code Enforcement

Obligations & Duties of the Building Department / Bureau of Code Enforcement

City of Schenectady
BUREAU OF Code enforcement

Mission statement

We, as officials of the city of Schenectady are here to promote public health, safety and welfare. 

Educate residents and protect property owner’s investments. 

To promote a positive image through City Departments and community partnerships within our community and beyond. 

Delivering a standard of building excellence only achieved by adhering to federal, state and our own municipal codes. 

We will enforce the law in a fair and impartial manor to ensure the highest quality of life is being achieved in all districts within


Responsibilities of the Office of Code Enforcement

The Office Code Enforcement is charged with the enforcement of the following national, state, and local codes and ordinances.

  1. The National Electric Code
  2. The New York State Fire Protection and Building Codes
  3. The New York State Multiple Residence Law
  4. The City of Schenectady Building and Plumbing Standard Ordinance
  5. The City of Schenectady Electrical Standards Ordinance
  6. The City of Schenectady Housing Standards Ordinance
  7. The City of Schenectady Swimming Pool Ordinance
  8. The City of Schenectady Certificate of Occupancy Ordinance
  9. The City of Schenectady Rental Certificate Ordinance
  10. The City of Schenectady Zoning Ordinance
  11. The City of Schenectady Vermin Infestation Ordinance
  12. The City of Schenectady Intensive Code Enforcement Plan
  13. The issuance of appearance tickets
  14. Electrical repairs to City Administrative Buildings
  15. Plumbing repairs to City Administrative Buildings

Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) Duties and Obligations

  • Monitor and Inspect Permitted Construction
  • Stop or Prevent Non-Permitted Construction
  • Respond and Resolve Reported Complaints and Violations
  • Register and Monitor Vacant Buildings and Property
  • Perform State Required Public Assembly Inspections
  • Provide Public Service and Information Regarding NYS and City Code
  • Respond to Catastrophic Events and Emergencies
  • Promote General Welfare and Safe Living and Working Conditions
  • Registration of Rental Property
  • Rental Unit Inspections
  • Response and Maintenance of Reported Complaints and Violations
  • Neighborhood Code Compliance Reviews (NCCR)

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