Comprehensive Plan 2020

Schenectady's first Comprehensive Plan since 1970 was signed into law on March 25, 2008. It is Schenectady's blueprint for strengthening our neighborhoods, housing, shopping, and recreational opportunities, which are so important to our residents and to Schenectady's long-term economic viability.  The culmination of a three year effort, the plan guides all land use, community development and economic development initiatives in the City.
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Zoning Map
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Community Profile

Read about Schenectady's current demographics and economic trends to better understand the goals of the comprehensive plan.
The vision for the City in 2020 outlined in this plan was the result of cooperation between local government and the community. The goal is to increase economic opportunity and employment for residents by working towards four objectives: (1) Quality City Services Efficiently Delivered, (2) Great Homes in Safe and Stable Neighborhoods, (3) Beautiful, Clean and Green Community, and (4) Quality Workforce and Growing Businesses.