The Department of Engineering is tasked with creation, management, and execution of public works projects within the City of Schenectady, in addition to the approval and supervision of private work performed within the public right of way.

Active GIS Project Tracker

Explore the interactive app below to learn more about where the Engineering Department is focusing their current (and past) resources! Click the "i" icon on the top right side of the map to see the map legend and description. Use the navigation arrows at the bottom of the map to see the rest of the maps included in the series. To see a larger view in your web browser, click here.

Permit Process

 Engineering permits may be submitted to the Department of Engineering as follows:
  • Hand delivered or mailed to the Department of Engineering, City Hall, Room 205, 105 Jay Street, Schenectady, NY 12305
  • Faxed to 518-382-1050
  • Emailed to the department
Permits can only be obtained between the hours of 8 - 10 A.M. and 3 - 4 P.M.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing of all permits. A receipt of payment must be shown to the Department before a permit can be released to the applicant. Payments can be made in City Hall, Room 100.