1. Living

    Schenectady is a city filled with amazing neighborhoods and attractions.

  2. Attractions

    A list of some of the many great places to visit in Schenectady.

  3. Economic Development

    Together, a team of city and county leaders created a unified economic development strategy under the umbrella of Metroplex, and the results have been impressive. Since 2004, Schenectady has undergone a renaissance.

  4. Education

    Schenectady offers a mix of public and private options that offer an excellent education for all ages.

  5. City History

    Schenectady is a city rich in history and accomplishment. It was here where Thomas Edison founded what would become the General Electric Company, where George Westinghouse invented the rotary engine and air brakes, and so much more.

  6. Schenectady County

    Visit the official "home" website of Schenectady County, New York for all county related information.

  7. Community Events

    Access calendars to view upcoming events.

  8. Community News

    Read current news and announcements.