Transportation and Roadways

Working with Transfinder, a local Schenectady based company, the City of Schenectady is using software and GPS tracking to identify more efficient potential routes for garbage trucks and snow plows. 
With additional software and hardware installed on various city vehicles linked to our data networks, the City is utilizing data collected from our fleet to determine preventative maintenance scheduling to reduce maintenance costs and aid in more efficient fleet management. 
Working in combination with the City's Vehicle Fleet Efficiency Policy, software is used to gather reports to track information such as fuel consumption, operating costs and employee concerns to identify needs in our fleet. 

Working with The Cornell Local Roads Program, the City established a rating program for it's streets to identify high priority paving projects and contribute to a timeline for local road repaving.
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Utility and Parking Management

The Installation of Smart City Infrastructure on Lower Union Street is a pilot project for future infrastructure that will help reduce energy expenditure for the city, lower city electrical costs, help connect citizens of Schenectady to public services and will aid in public safety precautions. 

The City operates a computerized traffic control system that provides maintenance reports for 60 traffic lights.

Parking kiosks that accept credit cards and generate maintenance reports on their current condition are currently utilized in many areas of the City and set a new standard for the enforcement and convenience of public parking areas.

The City has formed a collaborative parking committee that identifies on and off street parking and pulls perspectives from multiple departments for the best use of space for residential and commercial parking.
new light posts
parking meter
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The City is currently underway of projects that will enable future wireless infrastructure that will support improved public services.

Incorporation of virtual servers and expanded storage capabilities with off-site disaster recovery system into the City's network.

Installation of the first City owned electric vehicle charging station with a simplified permitting process for installations. 
Smart City Commission