Single Stream Recycling

Keeping Schenectady clean, healthy and safe can actually start with the way we process our garbage. Even though recycling is not a Zero Waste process, recycling is beneficial to our environment.
When we recycle we are able to get multiple uses out of one product. We are able to use our landfills for their intended purpose: to store the items that we are currently unable to recycle.
The City of Schenectady supports you in your recycling efforts by keeping up with new developments. Which is why we introduced Single Stream Recycling in September 2016.

Single Stream Recycling helps you save space in your home and makes recycling less time consuming, because you are able to co-mingle the paper, plastic, aluminum and glass. 


Single Stream Recycling Sticker

Place two Single Stream Recycling stickers on your recycling container, one on each side. The purpose of the recycling sticker is to inform us of your recycling stop. 

If you would like to a (new) Single Stream Recycling sticker, you can pay us a visit or send us us a self addressed envelope to:
City Hall - Room #9
105 Jay Street
Schenectady, NY 12305
Waste Collection Times - Schenectady