Crime Data

Overview: This dashboard gives the public access to see all Part I crimes in the City of Schenectady for the last 28 days. Part 1 crimes are murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, larceny, and arson. This data will be updated weekly. The image below explains the features of the dashboard and how to use them. Click here or the image to open the dashboard in a new window.

Public Crime Dashboard preview Opens in new window

Feature 1: Charts

Top Chart: Displays frequency of each Part I crime.

Middle Chart: Displays the frequency of Part I crimes grouped by neighborhood.

Bottom Chart: Displays the total count of Part I crimes.

All three charts are filtered by the selected date, reported crime, neighborhoods, and the portion of the map that is visible.

Feature 2: Select a Date

This filter can be used to select a more specific date range than the default 28 days. You can select days outside of the default 28 days, but no data will be displayed for those days. 

Feature 3: Reported Crime

This lists the seven Part I crimes. You can click each one to add/remove that type of crime from the map and charts. Crimes will be automatically removed from the selection if you zoom in on the map to where there are zero reported crimes of that type. Zooming out does not add them back to the list.

Feature 4: Neighborhood

This lists the eight neighborhoods in the City of Schenectady. You can click each one to add/remove the crimes in those neighborhoods from the map. If you zoom in on the map, neighborhoods that are no longer in view will be removed from the selection. Zooming out does not add them back to the list.

Feature 5: Drawing Tool

Rectangle, lasso, and circle can be used to select a specific area on the map. The crimes in the selected area will be highlighted and the total number of Part I crimes will be displayed in the top left corner of the map.

Feature 6: Legend

This describes all the symbols that are displayed on the map.