Public Wi-Fi Deployment

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The City of Schenectady's Downtown Public Wi-Fi


June 20th is World Wi-Fi Day: a global initiative to recognize the 4 billion people around the world without internet access and help bridge the digital divide! Internet access today is as much of a necessity as telephone service was in years past. Here in Schenectady, as part of the Union Street reconstruction we have installed Wi-Fi access points that allow us to control lighting and other sensors to monitor devices, as well as provide a small-scale public Wi-Fi deployment. This deployment gives us the ability to connect businesses and residents in a four- or five-block area and look at the value of possible further deployment.

Please enjoy the free public Wi-Fi provided by the City on Union Street between Broadway and Lafayette Street, as well as in front of City Hall on Jay Street. City residents and visitors who may not currently have the ability to access the internet will be able to do so in these locations.

Additionally, don't forget about the Downtown Schenectady trolley that helps give citizens access to more of downtown and Transfinder's cityfinder app that helps our community connect with businesses in Schenectady.

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