Smart Lighting in Schenectady

Getting the Green Light on Greener Lights

The streetlights in Schenectady are soon going to be upgraded to LED lights, outfitted with advanced network lighting controls. Network lighting controls allow the City to develop dimming schedules to reduce lighting levels during off-peak hours. This dimming schedule will provide the City with additional energy savings and give officials the ability to control streetlights in critical situations. The same lighting controls provide National Grid with intelligence to increase quality of lighting services through benefits such as automated outage detection. This technology will effectively turn current streetlights in to smart LED streetlights capable of energy savings, outage detection, and improved lighting services.

smart lights

Network Lighting Controls: the Details

Network lighting controls will give the City the following abilities: ambient lighting levels (photocell), dimming, scheduling, outage monitoring, energy consumption monitoring, asset tracking.

There are many benefits to these controls including:

  • Reduce wasted energy by scheduling dimming times appropriately. Converting from existing streetlights to LED technology will reduce energy consumption by approximately 50%, also reducing GHG associated with energy savings.
  • Monitor the health of streetlights to reduce maintenance cost through asset management. Automated fixture failure detection and reporting allows proactive repairs, which traditionally would rely on customer calls to report outages.
  • Emergency preparedness. The City will have greater control of the streetlights in case of an emergency.
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