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Local Contractor Registration


  1. 1. Contractor Profile
  2. 2. Insurance
  3. 3. Questionaire
  4. 4. Signature & References
  • Contractor Profile

    1. All submitted registrations will be reviewed by the Office of Affirmative Action and the Department of Development Quarterly before being added to the City's Local & Preferred contractor lists. Incomplete or missing required information may cause a delay in the review of your registration. Each list will be cleared August of each year and will require re-registry.

      For questions contact the Affirmative Action Office at (518) 382-5199 xt 5374 Or the Department of Development at (518) 382-5147 

    2. Contractor Profile Information
    3. Note: The City of Schenectady requires contractors to carry cell phones or to supply us with an emergency phone number so they may be contacted during non-business hours.

    4. i.e. Sole-Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, Corporation, etc.

    5. Check all that apply for Local, NYS, or Federal designation(s)*
    6. List the number of employees in the firm with the following skills:
    7. Are you and/ or your employees certified under EPA to work with Lead Interim controls or Lead Abatement?
    8. Total number of employees including Owner
    9. Do you regularly use subcontractors?
    10. Do you use union contractors?