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Schenectady Economic Recovery Program for Small Businesses

  1. Economic Recovery Small Business Grant Application
  2. Please note that only businesses located within the City of Schenectady will be eligible for these funds.
  3. Not to exceed $10,000
  4. If you do not have a DUNS number, please write "none" into the space
  5. Business Status
    Check all that applies
  6. Are You Self-employed?*
  7. Enter N/A if self-employed and it's a one person business.
  8. Enter N/A if self-employed and it's a one person business.
  9. Type of Business (Check All that Apply)*
  10. Additional Requested Forms (if Applicable)
  11. Please upload your most recent tax form that applies to your business
  12. Upload document indicating if there are co-owners for the business
  13. If you have LLC and/or business license or both, please upload
  14. If you are a certified MWBE business please upload certification document. If you do not have a MWBE, please indicate "no MWBE"
  15. Grant Narrative Requirements
  16. Please explain how COVID-19 negatively impacted the business(e.g. employee layoffs, no sales, fewer customers, etc.)
  17. Did you layoff employees? *
  18. Information About the Business
  19. Does the applying business have a related operating or holding company? *
  20. HUD Demographics Requirement
  21. Please check boxes that apply *
  22. Which National Objective are you meeting? As required by HUD CDBG-CV Program (A or B):
  23. Provide a monthly budget with use of grant proceeds:
  24. Current Monthly Budget
    Cost to adapt business model and to sustain or re-open during COVID-19
  25. Use of Grant Proceeds
  26. Declarations
    The authorized representative of the Applicant must certify in good faith to all of the below by checking each box or by initialing next to each of the statements.
  27. Section 4 - Project Description (no more than 6,000 characters)
  28. HUD Income Limits
    I/we attest that to the best of my/our knowledge, the information contained in this application is correct and true. I/we am/are aware that the filing of a false instrument in connection with this application may constitute an attempt to defraud the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region, Inc., HUD, and the City of Schenectady, and may be illegal under the laws of the State of New York. If applicant is a sole proprietorship, LLC or partnership, sign and date below:
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