Vacant Properties & Neighborhood Reviews

Vacant Property

All property owned in the city requires maintenance prescribed by the NYS property maintenance code and local city ordinance. Any property that becomes vacant of occupancy for more 30 days, must be registered as a Vacant Property with the City through the Building Department. Vacant Property Registration is a formal application registering the property as vacant and requires the homeowner to secure and maintain the property throughout the period of vacancy.

Property maintenance including lawn mowing, snow shoveling, garbage/debris removal, securing any/all openings in the structure, are all the responsibility of the property owner. Failure to maintain the vacant property will result in violations, that if not corrected, that will result in court appearance tickets, and may result in fines and penalties.

Vacant property requires an annual registration and continuing maintenance.

Vacant Building Registration Checklist click here

Vacant Building Registration Form click here

Neighborhood Code Compliance Reviews (NCCR)

Neighborhood Code Compliance Reviews are a city-wide program that incorporates the resources of several departments, including the Police, Fire, Property Maintenance and the Building Department, to provide a comprehensive review of neighborhoods in the city. These intimate reviews provide the opportunity to walk streets block by block, and take an inventory of the condition of buildings and properties. “Courtesy Notices” will be posted on buildings for any violations found, and an explanation to call the appropriate department for an explanation and resolution. This is a unique opportunity to make available an array of city department representatives to residents and business owners offering information and providing answers to questions regarding any issue or concern.

We typically perform NCCRs throughout the warm weather seasons, and the schedule and locations will be announced in the Spring of each year.