Parking Restrictions / Snow Emergency

Snow Emergency Rules and Regulations

Please note that this site may not be updated immediately in bad weather, and the most up-to-date snow emergency information will be available on the radio and television news.

General Plowing

All normal parking regulations are in effect.

Priority Street Plowing

Priority streets are clearly posted. The Bureau of Service declares priority street plowing. Priority street restrictions go into effect with the accumulation of 3 inches or more of snowfall. Vehicles may return to priority street parking only after the entire length of the street has been cleared of snow back to the curb.

Priority Streets (Do not park after 3 inches of snowfall)
  • Van Vranken Avenue
  • Nott Street (Erie Boulevard to Wendell Avenue)
  • Union Street
  • Eastern Avenue
  • Brandywine Avenue (State Street to Rugby Road)
  • McClellan Street (State Street to Rugby Road)
  • State Street
  • Erie Boulevard (State Street to I-890)
  • Albany Street (Veeder Avenue to Elm Street)
  • Altamont Avenue
  • Schuyler Street (Michigan Avenue to Altamont Avenue)
  • Michigan Avenue
  • Crane Street
  • Chrisler Avenue
  • Broadway (State Street to the city line)
  • Campbell Avenue (Broadway to Fairview Avenue)

Snow Emergencies

Are declared by the Mayor, and not automatically based solely on the amount of snowfall.
A snow emergency will take effect at either 8 p.m. or 8 a.m. The media will be notified of a declared snow emergency so that it can advise the public.

Upon a snow emergency being declared, all normal and priority street parking restrictions are suspended. All vehicles must be parked on the even-numbered side of the street by the snow emergency’s declared start time (8 p.m. or 8 a.m.). This includes all streets, with the following exceptions:
  • If parking is already restricted on both sides of the street
  • If parking correctly would create a hazard
  • If parking correctly would defy a temporary posting
Vehicles must remain on the even-numbered side of the street for 24 hours.

Once the first 24-hour period has passed, all vehicles must be moved to the odd-numbered side of the street (with the listed exceptions still in effect). The even/odd rotation continues until the Mayor ends the snow emergency. Although every snow emergency will be in effect for a minimum of 48 hours, some could last for several days, depending on the amount of snowfall and other conditions.

Snow Removal & Other Restrictions

Parking may be further restricted for priority streets and for snow removal. When these circumstances exist, temporary signs will be posted. Some of the city’s narrower streets may be posted on both sides during a snow emergency.

Penalties for not following these regulations are severe: Parking tickets may be issued and vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense. Owners of towed vehicles may also be liable for storage charges.

People who have questions during a snowfall can contact the Bureau of Service at 518-382-5151 or the Police Department Traffic Division at 518-382-5200 ext. 1.