Electric Vehicle Destination

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21 EV Parking Spaces Available for Public Use 

With the recent addition of two new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles into its fleet, the installation of a public-facing charging station, adoption of streamlined electric vehicle supply equipment permitting, and integration of the City into the Capital District Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Plan, the City is realizing its potential to be a regional destination for EV drivers. The City also realizes its responsibility to lead by example and inspire others to invest in advanced vehicles; it recently passed a Vehicle Fleet Efficiency Policy aimed at replacing passenger vehicles with advanced and efficient vehicles moving forward.

Schenectady's "Electric Vehicle Destination" Initiative focuses to drive EV growth in the community as well as in the region through three interrelated project components:

Creation of the EV Destination: Schenectady will install municipal charging stations to support its advanced vehicle fleet and will also install public-facing charging stations (charging stations that are 100% dedicated to public utilization). The ultimate goal of the EV Destination is to increase EV use by residents and those traveling into the City for work and recreation.

Expand EV Deployment: In accordance with the adopted Vehicle Fleet Efficiency Policy, Schenectady will be purchasing new Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles to replace its aging passenger vehicle fleet. 

Consumer Education and Outreach: Schenectady has facilitated multiple workshops and will be hosting public events to increase awareness of EV topics and charging station use. Material on these events will be available on this page as events are announced. 

When completed, this initiative will bring the total amount of EV parking spaces in our city to 21 spots and will offer residents and visitors secured parking for charging their EVs. 

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