National Grid/REV Demonstration Project

Project Overview

The City of Schenectady has partnered with National Grid to pilot a Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) demonstration project. REV is Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s New York State energy strategy1, aimed at developing new energy products and services, helping energy consumers make more informed choices, creating jobs, and protecting the environment2.

The REV demonstration project in Schenectady will use connected smart technologies and a low bandwidth wireless network to deploy smart city technology and services through enhanced street light infrastructure. National Grid will be replacing about 4,200 of their streetlights in the City with LED lights, which will subsequently be retrofitted with smart technology and controls. These upgrades will enable real-time data analytics and lighting controls, making the city more efficient and improving our ability to manage City assets. The conversion to LED streetlights will also lower our energy costs and reduce our carbon footprint.

This project will provide National Grid to with information on potential new options for enhanced street lighting infrastructure, and also serve as a test of the energy savings gained from LED conversion at a large scale. The project also offers the City of Schenectady an opportunity to see how smart technology can improve municipal services and quality of life for City residents.

To read the REV press release click here.
For a complete listing of current REV Demonstration Projects, visit the Department of Public Services (DPS) REV page.

Project Study Area

The National Grid REV Demo Project will be implemented using a phased approach over three years. The first phase will see streetlight replacement in Zone A and Zone B of the City (see map below), and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019.

Phase Two will cover the remaining zones of the City and is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2020. During Phase Three, the City and National Grid will continue evaluation of the REV Demo Project into 2021.

In addition to advanced LED streetlights, National Grid will install the Cimcon NearSky node in Zone A, and the GE-AT&T City IQ node in Zone B. These Smart City technologies have the potential to enhance municipal services through improved transportation and mobility, public safety, and environmental sustainability.

Some of their potential Smart City use-cases include: gunshot detection that immediately alerts law enforcement; pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle traffic volume analysis that can improve and enhance urban mobility, development and zoning; and environmental monitors that measure air quality.