Fireworks Information

Fireworks are illegal in the City of Schenectady. Illegal fireworks harm quality of life and do not belong in our community.

Noise and Mental Health

Fireworks are a public health issue. Be mindful of families with young children, pets, veterans, and those suffering from PTSD who are impacted by these loud noises.

Fires, Injuries, Property Damage

Fireworks are not only a public nuisance, but they are also dangerous and a fire hazard. Fireworks can cause property damage, fires, and even physical injuries.  

Be a Good Neighbor

Be mindful, respectful, and courteous to your neighborhood. Have conversations with your local neighborhood association and community organizations.

Call Non-Emergency Dispatch: (518) 630-0911

To report the use of fireworks in the City of Schenectady, please call the non-emergency number at (518) 630-0911.