What happens when Grievance Day is over?

The Board of Assessment Review will take all of the grievance applications, information and notes presented to them during the hearing and spend several weeks deliberating these cases.

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1. Who can file a grievance?
2. Can someone file a grievance application on my behalf and represent me at Grievance Day?
3. How do I fill out my grievance application; can someone from the Assessment Bureau help me or fill out the application for me?
4. Is there anything special that I should know about the grievance application?
5. What happens after I file my grievance application; should I make an appointment with the Assessor to discuss my assessed value?
6. What happens on Grievance Day?
7. Do I have to attend Grievance Day on Tuesday, May 23rd; will it not impact my case or will it hurt my case if I do not attend?
8. What happens when Grievance Day is over?