Who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of my water and sewer laterals?
It is the home owner’s responsibility to repair and maintain the water and sewer laterals as per Chapter 255-30 of the City Code, which reads as follows:

"The owner of property into which water is introduced by a service pipe will be required to maintain, in perfect order, at his own cost and expense, said pipe from the corporation cock or street main to his own premises, including all fixtures therein provided for delivering or supplying water for any purpose, and the curb box must be kept in view and the top thereof even with the sidewalk or street grade at all times and in a serviceable condition. In case such service and fixtures are not kept in repair, the water may be shut off from the premises until the requirements of this section are complied with, or the Director of the Department of Water and Wastewater may arrange for the necessary repair to conform to this section and charge the cost thereof to the owner of the property at which this section is violated and collect such cost from the owner of such property and shut off the water from such property until such charges are paid."

Please Note: Should the Bureau of Service determine that the blockage is not in the main but in the lateral, there will be a charge of $150 to the homeowner as per Chapter 220, Part 1, Article I, Section 4 of the City Code.

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